baju merah jambu,kain songket biru

aku sakit kepala

kepala aku sakit

sakit kepalaku..

selamat menyambut lebaran semue~! 🙂


apo kono den ni

Mental mood kueh raye tapi malas buat.tengok aja dalam majalah.berangan dpt makan.chett..poodaa

p/s: tapikan semalam aku tolong zahid,ila,suha dan rosya bwt kueh rayerrr..kirenyer aku bwt kueh raye la jugak.indirectly..

i’m bored n hungry

Starting time : 8.46 am
Name : Nurul Nadia
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 3
Shoe size : 7
Height : 170 cm
Where do you live : nizhny novgorod,russian federation

Have you ever Been on a plane : once a year
Swam in the ocean :afraid of drowning
Fallen asleep at school : frequently in secondary school
Broken someone’s heart :anyone?
Fell off your chair : ouchh..sakit bontot ;(

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : when was tht?
Saved e-mails : what d use of save as option,when u jst don’t save
What is your room like : colourful,meriah,hutan
What’s right beside you : Winny’s table n chair with stuff
What is the last thing you ate :blue cottton candy

Ever had Chicken pox : yes
Sore throat :yes n hate it
Stitches : yes,on left hand
Broken nose : i wish never
Do you Believe in love at first sight : who knows? right time,right place decide
Like picnics : love it
Who was were the last personYou danced with : anna,agogo dance during class recess
Last made you smile : in my dream
You last yelled at : maalini-ask her wut she did lst nite
Today did you Talk to someone you like : yes.tenks 4 dropping by
Kissed anyone : being kissed
Get sick : low defense of immune sys
Talk to an ex : whose,which,what..[d list continues] ex? 
Miss someone : do u miss me?
Who do you really hate: i don’t hate who,i hate what
Do you like your hand-writing : absolutely yes
Are your toe nails painted : no
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : d one without bed bugs tht cause harm
What color shirt are you wearing now : turqoise
Are you a friendly person : how much do u knw me?
Do you have any pets : yes.Sekoq Russian dwarf hamster
Do you sleep with the TV on : yes.always.someone has to shut it off 4 me.tenks 😉
What are you doing right now : yawning n thinking of going back to sleep
Can you handle the truth :

Are you closer to your mother or father : ibu 🙂
Do you eat healthy : seimbang tp x healthy
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : as i mentioned earlier.who,which..[bla..bla]
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : my friends who can listen n share
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : silence isd best feeling available
Are you confident : yes i am

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) primary school,standard 5
2) comot,anak benggali naik bas 2 school. 
3) galah panjang,lompat getah,polis2,etc during past time
4) got my second minor operation
5)thought what i wanna be in d future

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) KIV
2) KIV
3) KIV
4) KIV
5) i just want to be happy with d people i love

5 of my bad habits
1) amik barang xsusun/letak balik elok2
2) put so much pressure during writing
3) unfriendly to those i don’t knw
4) trying to study,but then slumber tertido.goshh~!! i hate this
5) imaginative when i’m nt suppose to

5 places I am living in
1) ulu yam,selangor
2) kampung gajah,perak
3) ipoh,perak
4) seremban,negeri sembilan
5) nizhny novgorod,russian federation

you’ve been tagged

1) newly improved toiek

2)diyana bayie

3)dayang coconotty

4)miss maalini

5)anyone not frm d list above

time finished: 9.26am

aku mahu kebahagian itu

mamat itu berjalan


lesung pipit nmpk,sgt comel

berhenti berjalan


lesung pipit ade lagi..ya Allah,comel sgguh

berdiri tunggu bas

senyum lagi…kenape ek?

“kebahagian yg tersangat.u don’t have 2 make d smile, or force it to look like a smile,just leave it to d mouth musles n d brain to make it real”

:aku mahu itu,dia?:

Td aku pegi IKEA

Pegi kt soft toys nye department.

Comel giler haiwan ni..long green crocodile n ade baby crocodile kt mulut die

Aku suke..aku peluk..n belit-belitkan crocodile kt leher diyana n suruh maalini beli untuk b-day aku.

Aku berdiri lagi kt situ..tengok crocodile ngn baby die

Geram dan sgt comel





Ade sorang nenek,xnmpk kaye sgt…bkn golongan pertengahan

Pn berdiri kt ctu dgn cucu die

Cucu die pn cm aku..suke dgn crocodile tu..

Peluk..suke..excited jek ngn crocodile tuh

Nenek tuh happy tgk cucu die happy ngn crocodile tu



Die mahu beli crocodile tu untk cucu die

Die belek-belek crocodile tuh [cari price tag]




Aku tgk jek diorg


Amik crocodile laen [cari price tag lagi]




Aku tgk jek lagi diorg


Nenek tuh pandang ats,cari




Aku sudah xboleh tahan


Terus..[aku pun cakap]

“Berapa yer?kt cni harga die..”[smbil tnjuk kt container isi crocodile2 tuh]

“tiga ratus…    belum sempat aku bgtau harga smpai abes

“crocodile kan?” [dgn expression dlm la mahal sgt,betul ker harge crocodile ni?aku xmmpu nk beli untk cucu aku]

Nenek tu trime jek die xmampu bli untk cucu die n ckp bape price betul kt cucu die.

Cucu die pn dr cm happy..trus cm “hurmm..xpe la nek laen kali jela”

Xde pn nk tnjuk tantrum ke hape

Diorg pn pegi.



Aku rase kesian dan simpati

Ade org boley beli ape diorg nak.ade org nak beli,tp xmmpu.

Bersyukur jer ngn ape yg diorg ade.

Jadi semue org termasuk aku,janganlah membazir xtentu hala.

Mari menderma kepada org yg memerlukan

fresh,fabulouse,fantastic morning

class 8.15am

aku dtg 8.20am

bukak pintu

“go..go out [aku ingatkan go inside] and ask for permission frm d dean office”-kirenyer aku kene gnti class ini pada hari laen xtau biler..huh 😦

whut d fish la weyyy…5 mins jekk…

moreover..ade 2 students jek dlm tuh,4 org die xkasi masuk..apekah?

aku jalan balik hostel..terkesima n terngange jek..xcaye jek.

huh~marah betul..bwt kueh raye lagi baik

nasib baik bum ade pinjamkan telinga..tenks bum…~muahhhxxx ya.

aku rasa

Aku normal bukan weird hari ini…

Kamu normal? Pasti?

Terima kasih semua 🙂

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