having fun je kejenye

I sayang u all this much…

me says love you

me says love you

We decided to jalan2 again.
Went to Fantastica [another shopping mall in nizhny Novgorod,RU.

Outside,it’s snowing.
Do u know how is it like to walk in thick “puffy” white snow on the road??
Imagine this..
U walking on d beach sand,
D differences are:
sand is HOT,but snow is COLD
sand is grey-brownish in colour,but snow is white
and what is similarity is…
“susah mahu jalan,semua melekat-lekat di kaki,habes tenggelam kaki semua…aaaaAaAaAaA..macam mahu buat penyodok di kaki,supaya jalan clear dan xjalan mcm cacat”

Here’s some shots of our behavior and panorama there.

view frm d camera

view frm d camera

WE having fun

WE having fun

and,here ‘s zahid experience,she went to d toilet…and there is some really bad smell of taik..horror.The cleaner tried to find where d bad smell came frm by searching one by one[pintu ke pintu]….

guess what..??

do u knw how badly d smell is??

so bad,even d cleaner want to vomit.

and yess..she vomited when she found d source of smell.

funny..even d cleaner pn nk termuntah.but i’m making some assumption,mybe she’s NEW kot.u kw x biase with all d taik stuff..kikikiki..

end of adventure.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. toiek
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 06:20:39

    sile la mlawat blog baru i..


  2. misstoureiffel
    Jan 31, 2009 @ 19:06:44

    brape bwk kali baru la..
    suh mlawat,kasik la add..cett~


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