i love you

strictly prohibited:)

love doesn’t mean saying i love you to someone
love is love without saying anything
love is also sacrifice,it also means keeping quiet for each other sakes
love isn’t merely possessing
love is also giving your own happiness for someone else happiness
love also means YOU and ME

-adapt from would you be my friend?-



do you agree?



i’m not mad with all the wrongs that i can explain…


i’m mad with the only truth that i couldn’t explain.



dunia itu satu. tapi mengapa ada dua dunia kita berbeza?

kau jangan ingat aku dalam dunia aku saja.
aku juga kadang kala lihat dunia kau.

dunia kita tak sama.
ini bukan salah aku.
ini juga bukan salah kau.

kerana perbezaan dua dunia ini.
kita berdua semakin renggang
semakin menjauh dan mungkin tak lama lagi…
akan hilang.


Hilang yang hilang,bukan tercicir orang akan jumpa.
kau kesah?
aku rasa tidak.
Sebab, kau sibuk dengan dunia kau bukan?
aku rasa mungkin.
Sebab,kadang-kala aku lihat dunia kau dan teringat.

Tak tahu pula dengan kau.
Kau juga kadang-kala melihat?

Aku tak tahu bagaimana mahu baiki semua ini.
Apa pula yg mahu dibaiki sebenarnya?

Dunia aku?
Dunia kau?

tidak ada kaitan untuk post ini:”kau ibarat burung biru yang bawa kebahagian”-ayat catchy dlm cite doreamon yg aku tonton..ahaks:)

.::hurricane jane::.

aku yang terhimpit

disepit sakit tak siapa peduli

mahu sembunyi dituduh pengecut

mahu berlari tapi tak sampai



i wish we can tell what’s inside without give harm to others

i wish it’s was only ME and only ME

i wish u can just understand it by the look on my face

i wish we are using unspoken language

i wish you never meet that kind of person

i wish you never change

i wish to listen more about your problems

i wish this never would happen

i wish…

i never wrote this

.:senyum dari hati,duniamu berseri:.

“when it comes to dream, senyum jika ia indah… 🙂 “

all men,all men are liars

“All Men, All Men are liars their words ain’t worth no more than worn out tires.
Hey Girls, bring rusty pliers to pull this tooth, all men are liars and that’s the truth…

…Among god’s creatures man must be.
The most slimy and slippery now.
There stands the naked ape in a monkey suite.
Behind a little mustache he grew, the shifty brute.
All the ones not choking on the words they ate are
Sweating on getting their stories straight.”

nick lowe

a brand new start

“u just don’t have what it takes to own a heart,

because to own a heart,one must touches it,

even when touching it,didn’t make u owned it,

but it left some prints that one couldn’t erase it.”

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