do you agree?



i’m not mad with all the wrongs that i can explain…


i’m mad with the only truth that i couldn’t explain.





…she said, “thanks,i like you too…”

…he said, “cool”

a brand new start

“u just don’t have what it takes to own a heart,

because to own a heart,one must touches it,

even when touching it,didn’t make u owned it,

but it left some prints that one couldn’t erase it.”

.:my name is Nadia:.

First of all…

this is not a self-obsession article. ūüôā

i¬†repeat ,NO (even i’m quite obsessed with this thingy actually) :p

When introducing your name, people will ask you about what does your name means???

and my answer will always, “hurmmm..entah, xtaula..baik hati dan suka¬†menderma¬†kot”

(actually i just put up any positive characters that was in my mind at the exact time)..hehe..duh-oh.doink.

But,as today i was so free and got nothing to do,so i search up for my name.Look, what i found!!!!!


name that are not made up and have had a history

this is the meaning of nadia

ūüôā i like the part when it says, “a touch of class,a mysterious vibe and exotic appeal”..wooo~that’s soo ME..!! (mcm gedik pulak)..kahkahkah *gelak to ownself*

another,meaning in Arabic, “tender,soft and moist”..this is funny as i imagine¬†eating¬†a double chocolate heaven secret recipe¬†cake reading this.YUMMIE~~

this article is a lit’ bit BLURR..

but,you can read it if you change your screen zoom level. (into more than 100% i guess)

sweet right???? (macam orang yang namanya Nadia).


p/s: i found this in one wordpress blog, “names that are not made up and have had a history“….maybe you can find about yours pulak?kan?

dari kacamata ku

Last week,aku pergi jalan-jalan kt area yg slalu aku pergi waktu kecik-kecik dulu bila nk shopping.

Tmpat itu sekarang aku rase sudah tua.

TUA.sbb ade golongan tue sahaja yg lepak-lepak di situ.[itupun sbb diorg still ade biznes kt ctu]

xmcm shopping2 cmplx yg laen.berlambak-lambak kutu-kutu,minah2 dan mamat2 sama ada remp-it atau x,mengutukan diri.

sunyi tanpa pengunjung.

Kalau korang org ipoh,msti tahu tmpt ini..”super kinta“[mmg agak femes la dulu-dulu]

aku duduk lepak kt satu kedai pinggan mangkossss.dan aku suke dengan ape yg aku nmpak.

sebab die nmpk semak,serabut,tp ape yg korang nak,ckp jewww..ada punyaa..

ni lak periunk susun tingkat2.bwt kenduriiiiiii..heheh


will u?or will not?


ade seorang makhluk pernah cakap,

esok aku bahagia,sebab esok aku masuk hospital bahagia…”