doktor pakar cinta?

doktor pakar cinta-yusry

Jikalau mahu mendengar lagu, bukalah oh radio ohbuat ape bukak radio?kan ad iPOD..iPOD touch lg u!!~~:))

Jika mahu tonton wayang gambar, pergilah ke panggungpanggung?heh~download kt tenet je sudah..tgk kt umah VVIP,siap leh pause,reverse,forward lagik ^_~
Jikalau mahukan cinta oh cinta, tak perlu pergi jauhkene la pg jauhhh..bru ad sacrifice and appreciation..klo x hambarrrr
Kalau hidupmu terasa bosan, carilah hobi baruhobi baru??tidoq lagi best kowtt 😛
Kalau hidupmu rasa tertekan, cari tempat mengaduye..mengadu kt Tuhan la,bace quran,mintak petunjuk
Kalau hidupmu kesunyian kesunyian, tak perlu pergi jauhdh yg dekat pun sunyi..kenela g jauhh~~
Marilah datang berjumpa berjumpa, doktor pakar cintadoktor pakar cinta???amboiii senang seyh dpt DR.sape yg dok kasi pangkat nie??bape tahun untuk dpt pakar mcm ni?huh
Beroperasi 24 jam, pagi petang siang dan malam24 jam?? seven eleven ke??xde shiff??hikhik
Dijamin rawatan terbaik, untuk si cantikuntuk si cantik jekk???sian sape yg xberape nk cntik tuh kan?
Tak sia-sialah bergelar, seorang doktor pakar cintaxsia-sia ko kate???dh la ko sorang jek doc pakar cinta kt dunia nie…
Merawatmu hanyalah aku, baru rasa hati lebih gembirapastu rawat seorang patient je..ce bygkan..bapak pilih bulu doc ni..nk rawat soraang patient je..iskh,mmg la..pastu rse gembira pulak die dpt rawat sorg patient jek
Ambilku tiga kali sehari, mulakan di waktu pagicmne?3 kali sehari??kirenye one prescription bule tahan 8 jam je la ek??
Panggillah ku di sebelah petang, lepas jamuan tengah haripetang??xyah la..g makan goreng pisang n cekodok lagi best:)
Jumpaku di malam malam, barulah tidur nyenyakmasalahnye…klo xjumpe pun bole tido nyenyak~xpayah la kot 😛
Pasti mujarab rawatan rawatan, doktor pakar cintafailah ak wase rawaatan ko neh..mati patient!!
Memang selamat diguna, pengalaman bertahun lamatested on brape subject bru leh ckp selamat di gune ni??10?100?1000?10000?1000000…?
Pasti kau takkan kecewa, berjumpa doktor pakar cintatipu..tipu..tipu!!mne ade doc pakar cinta,doc ade pakar lain2 ade la..pakar kanak-kanak,jantung,buah pinggang,otak,etc..etc..xpecaye!!!

Doctor love, oh oh oh (3x)name ko mmg LOVE ke dlm IC???gedix gile..hisshhh

kuang-kuang..ak ekceli xpueh hati ngn lagu niee..sbb tu ak dok mnjawab dgn sarcastic nye niee..penat wehh blaja nk jd docte niee..ade ke sorang ni dok tulis lagu ni..senang2 je dok ,mengiktiraf diri die doc pakar cinta..bapaks xaci!!!no way man!!

pg la masuk medic school dulu..bru hang tau..!!

huh!-*lobang hidung menjadi beso*




.:my name is Nadia:.

First of all…

this is not a self-obsession article. 🙂

i repeat ,NO (even i’m quite obsessed with this thingy actually) :p

When introducing your name, people will ask you about what does your name means???

and my answer will always, “hurmmm..entah, xtaula..baik hati dan suka menderma kot”

(actually i just put up any positive characters that was in my mind at the exact time)..hehe..duh-oh.doink.

But,as today i was so free and got nothing to do,so i search up for my name.Look, what i found!!!!!


name that are not made up and have had a history

this is the meaning of nadia

🙂 i like the part when it says, “a touch of class,a mysterious vibe and exotic appeal”..wooo~that’s soo ME..!! (mcm gedik pulak)..kahkahkah *gelak to ownself*

another,meaning in Arabic, “tender,soft and moist”..this is funny as i imagine eating a double chocolate heaven secret recipe cake reading this.YUMMIE~~

this article is a lit’ bit BLURR..

but,you can read it if you change your screen zoom level. (into more than 100% i guess)

sweet right???? (macam orang yang namanya Nadia).


p/s: i found this in one wordpress blog, “names that are not made up and have had a history“….maybe you can find about yours pulak?kan?

aku taip dan zahid sedang tidor

aku rasa aku selfish.

semua benda nk ikut my way jerr,xmahu dgr ckp orang lain.


aku rasa plan aku jer yg betul,and org lain nye plan xbest.

entah.aku rasa takut.Takut nnti semua xbetul kalau ikut orang.Kalau ape-ape jadi,aku salahkan orang itu.Jadi,aku xmahu tuding jarri kt orang.Baik aku tudung jari kt kepala sendiri.

so,i did it my way.


aku bukan lah seorang yg berkepala batu atau hati juga batu.

sebab dlm xmahu aku itu,deep down inside,aku akan fikir balik…”betul juga ek…”


if it’s convincing enough,i said…”OK” n “LET’S GET IT STARTED”


smalam,aku,maal, n zahid pergi tgk movie at kinotheathre [pawagam in russia].

sbb kitaorg sgt bosan dan mahu memenuhkan aktiviti dgn ape2 je mnde x berfaedah,kitaorg pergi jer.

tanpa ade plan mahu tgk movie ape.dan bantai jer even russian language kitaorg xsepower mane.[btw,semua movie kt cni dlm russian language,n even cite english diorg dubbing dgn bahase diorg]

kami semua tonton cerita ini:

will smith in seven pounds

will smith in seven pounds

faham sikit-sikit.

kitaorg bwt assumption sndiri masa tgk movie ni..

“oOoo..die excident la dulu”

“kaya siot die,rumah cantik,kereta pn WAAAUUUU!!!”

“eh…eh..die suka perempuan tuh la..”

“la..wife die dh mati..iskh2”

overall,cite ni cm boring sebenarnye[sebab dlm russian kot]..tapi layan sudeyy la kan.

then,tadi aku wikiped cerita ni….


“oOoooOO….baru la cheq faham,lagu tu ka”

and plot cerita die x jauh frm assumption

ape conclusion korang??

conclusion aku..yeay..lain kali jom tgk movie yg dubbing bahase ruski lagi 🙂


p/s:mybe not for maal kot,sbb she felt asleep in d kinotheatre,and said this is d most boring moment in her life ever.

layan jela maal.

jadi,ape ha..?

kenapa bila xnak jumpe,mesti terjumpe.

bila nk jumpe,xterjumpe pulak.

hate it.


blah la

i’m bored n hungry

Starting time : 8.46 am
Name : Nurul Nadia
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 3
Shoe size : 7
Height : 170 cm
Where do you live : nizhny novgorod,russian federation

Have you ever Been on a plane : once a year
Swam in the ocean :afraid of drowning
Fallen asleep at school : frequently in secondary school
Broken someone’s heart :anyone?
Fell off your chair : ouchh..sakit bontot ;(

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : when was tht?
Saved e-mails : what d use of save as option,when u jst don’t save
What is your room like : colourful,meriah,hutan
What’s right beside you : Winny’s table n chair with stuff
What is the last thing you ate :blue cottton candy

Ever had Chicken pox : yes
Sore throat :yes n hate it
Stitches : yes,on left hand
Broken nose : i wish never
Do you Believe in love at first sight : who knows? right time,right place decide
Like picnics : love it
Who was were the last personYou danced with : anna,agogo dance during class recess
Last made you smile : in my dream
You last yelled at : maalini-ask her wut she did lst nite
Today did you Talk to someone you like : yes.tenks 4 dropping by
Kissed anyone : being kissed
Get sick : low defense of immune sys
Talk to an ex : whose,which,what..[d list continues] ex? 
Miss someone : do u miss me?
Who do you really hate: i don’t hate who,i hate what
Do you like your hand-writing : absolutely yes
Are your toe nails painted : no
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : d one without bed bugs tht cause harm
What color shirt are you wearing now : turqoise
Are you a friendly person : how much do u knw me?
Do you have any pets : yes.Sekoq Russian dwarf hamster
Do you sleep with the TV on : yes.always.someone has to shut it off 4 me.tenks 😉
What are you doing right now : yawning n thinking of going back to sleep
Can you handle the truth :

Are you closer to your mother or father : ibu 🙂
Do you eat healthy : seimbang tp x healthy
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : as i mentioned earlier.who,which..[bla..bla]
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : my friends who can listen n share
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : silence isd best feeling available
Are you confident : yes i am

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) primary school,standard 5
2) comot,anak benggali naik bas 2 school. 
3) galah panjang,lompat getah,polis2,etc during past time
4) got my second minor operation
5)thought what i wanna be in d future

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) KIV
2) KIV
3) KIV
4) KIV
5) i just want to be happy with d people i love

5 of my bad habits
1) amik barang xsusun/letak balik elok2
2) put so much pressure during writing
3) unfriendly to those i don’t knw
4) trying to study,but then slumber tertido.goshh~!! i hate this
5) imaginative when i’m nt suppose to

5 places I am living in
1) ulu yam,selangor
2) kampung gajah,perak
3) ipoh,perak
4) seremban,negeri sembilan
5) nizhny novgorod,russian federation

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3)dayang coconotty

4)miss maalini

5)anyone not frm d list above

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